Grief Counseling

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Grief Counseling
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Grief is defined as a type of emotional or mental suffering from a loss, sorrow, or regret (, LLC, 2010). Grief affects people of all ages, races, and sexes around the world. Approximately, 36% of the world’s population does or has suffered from grief and only a mere 10% of these people will seek out help (Theravive, 2009). Once a person is suffering from grief it is important to receive treatment. All too often, people ignore grief resulting in deep depression, substance abuse, and other disorders (Theravive, 2009). Grief counseling is very common and can be very helpful to a person in need of assistance. Grief counseling provides the support, understanding, and encouragement to understand, accept, and deal with the feelings of grief caused by unexpected losses, sorrows, or regrets.

The organization I am going to create will be a non-profit counseling center. This counseling center will be focusing on grief diagnosis and treatment. This treatment center will offer its services to both children and adults. It will offer out-patient counseling sessions as well as inpatient treatment referrals. Qualifying patients will be referred via their family doctors or the employee assistance program (EAP). They will be offered two to three counseling sessions at no cost to them. The first session will be an introductory session. At this session the counselor will talk to the patient and receive all information important to the treatment of the issues causing the patient’s grief. After all the information is gathered the counselor will make an estimate of the amount of time the person will need to be in treatment. At the second session the counselor will discuss with the client the best treatment plan suited to their needs.

Once the clients have been evaluated a treatment program must be put into place. For those suffering from severe grief inpatient services may be required. If this is the case, the counselor will meet with the client and discuss inpatient treatment. Clients that are admitted to inpatient therapy will willingly enter the program and may sign themselves out at anytime.

The impatient program would require the patient to stay a minimum of one week to attend intensive therapy sessions. After their inpatient stay it will be recommended that the patient continue therapy once weekly in the outpatient program.

The outpatient program will be for clients that need counseling once weekly or even once monthly depending on their mental health state. The clients will attend regular sessions with the same therapist having the same therapist allows for a comfort level to develop as well as trust between the client and the therapist. At these sessions the therapist will work with the client to alleviate the symptoms of grief. This is important because for some people it is easier to express how they are feeling to a complete stranger and show their emotions rather than to somebody who knows them very well.

The grief counseling center will also offer group therapy sessions to those who find comfort in sharing experiences with those who are going through the same feelings. These therapy sessions will be help twice weekly in the evenings for two hours. The group therapy session will be monitored by a grief counselor. Group therapy can be extremely helpful to certain individuals because it opens the door of awareness meaning that they are given the ability to see first-hand that are people are currently going through the same type of situation as they are or have previously been through something similar and can ask questions about their coping methods and how to progress forward with life after the loss.

The organization’s mission statement will be; creating better futures in the lives of those suffering from grief by giving them the support, understanding, and treatment needed to regain happiness in their lives. The mission statement is created...

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