GRG SI Review

Topics: Mexico, Sierra Madre del Sur, Japan Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 20, 2015

1) The city was once known as Edo
a. Tokyo
2) Country that abolished their military ad used resources to support education, healthcare a. Costa Rica
3) Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico from region in the Caribbean’s a. Greater Antilles
4) Describe Modern Japan
a. Zaibatsu - monopoly
b. Economic history from light to heavy
c. Confucian capitalism
d. Shinkansen – bullet train
e. Heavy urbanization –congestion smog, pollution
f. Culture as a major export
5) Treaty between Spain and Portugal that split colonial territory claims based on a line of longitude – officiated by pope alexander VI a. Treaty of trodetilla
6) An Ancient civilization that rivaled the Aztecs – Pre-Columbian in origin – Inhabited what is now state of Michoacan a. Tarasca
7) Compare and contrast Taisho and Showa Japan
a. Taisho = Great Righteousness, wealthy, sophisticated aced modern culture i. Large debts, large opportunities
ii. Mogas and Mobos
b. Showa – The great Depressions
i. Revival of militarism, imperialism
8) Compare and Contrast North, Middle and South Mexico
a. North:
i. Ranching, maquiladoras, less dense population, closer to US b. Middle
i. Wealthier, center of Iberian colonial culture, most populated and contains primate city ( culture) / world city (International) of Mexico c. South
i. Less Mexican, higher rates of poverty, most unstable region 9) Land feature that unites middle and south America – panama canal a. Panama isthmus
10) One of largest oil fields in Gulf of Mexico – owned by oil company Pemex – much gov revenue a. Cantarell oil field
11) Wild Ancestor of maize/corn
a. Teosinte
12) Know
a. Chonin/Chonindo
b. Bushi/Bushido
c. Daimyo
d. Samurai
13) Layering of ecosystems depending on how high region is – different zones harbor different plants, animals and agricultural systems a. Altitudinal Zonation
14) Where Ayer’s rock is in Australia
a. Outback
15) Mountain chain along...
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