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Culture (Aztecs)

By armansavah Apr 14, 2014 467 Words
Culture: Aztecs
Five things I learned about this culture:
1. - This was one of the most representative of Mesoamerican cultures in 14.15 and 16 centuries, spoke Nahuatl and was located mainly in central Mexico 2. Aztec people from Aztlan means and went to the Mexican people, Aztec culture and history is primarily known through archaeological evidence found in excavations such as that of the renowned “Templo Mayor” in Mexico City and many others 3. In 1323, the Mexicas were shown a vision of an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus, eating a snake. This vision indicated that this was the location where they were to build their home. In any event, the Mexicas eventually arrived on a small swampy island in Lake Texcoco where they founded the town of Tenochtitlan in 1325. Now this is the sign bearing the flag of our country at the center 4. Human sacrifices were common in these seasons but figures brought the Aztecs to a number unprecedented, for example the sheer logistics associated with sacrificing 84,000 victims would be overwhelming, though historians and archaeologists agree that 2,000 is a more likely figure. 5. Today one of the most important tourist places in Mexico are pyramids of Tenochtitlan, its wide appea. The capital city of the Aztec empire was Tenochtitlan, now the site of modern-day Mexico City. Built on a series of islets in Lake Texcoco, the city plan was based on a symmetrical layout that was divided into four city sections called campans. The city was interlaced with canals which were useful for transportation. Tenochtitlan was built according to a fixed plan and centered on the ritual precinct, where the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan rose 50 m, estimates the population at 200,000 based in the house count and merging the population of Tlatelolco. Similarities to my culture:

One might consider that they have much in common with this culture as it was a major in our country and in some places remained entrenched this culture, such as language, as the Nahuatl is still spoken much in different parts of the country, or temples built and which are of great magnitude are admired today by many people who consider them as unique and many people visit. Another thing that is common today in our culture is the cuisine, as many of the foods consumed at that time was still consumed by us today, and even the most traditional drink of the Aztecs are still occurring now. Differences from my culture:

There are many things that are not similar to how they were in the past with this culture, to worship different gods, which even today is still recognized and not worship as before. Neither practiced human sacrifice to these gods and other things such as cannibalism was practiced at that time ceased to exist ah today

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