Greenhouse Prevention

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel, Natural gas Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 28, 2007
Reducing use of fossil fuels would significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced, as well as reducing the levels of the pollutants which cause acid rain (Solutions). This can be achieved by either using less energy in general, or using alternative energy sources. There are many ways to conserve energy such as: turning off any lights in a room which isn¡¦t being occupied. If you¡¦re making a short trip to the store and it is in walking distance conserve energy and take that walk or ride a bike instead of driving or taking a bus. Turning off the heat when your not home or even conserving your heat by putting plastic on your windows will even help save and conserve energy. Coal and gas-fired power plants burn huge amounts of fossil fuels and consequently emit vast amounts of CO2. Buy energy efficient appliances. Use your consumer power to support industries and products that strive for high energy efficiency. Public transportation is the best way to cut CO2 emissions from cars. Effective public transportation reduces the need for building new roads and any other key source of CO2. In turn, the money saved on road building can go into improving the public transportation sector. These measures will also improve urban air-quality. We must develop industrial practices and means of transportation which are less dependent on fossil fuels, and ultimately, manage completely without them. Eliminating products such as air conditioners, aerosol cans, those little foam things that come in packages, any kind of cleaner for electrical appliance will help keep the air clean. Stopping deforestation and re-growing forest will create better and cleaner oxygen. Forests have traditionally been grown for their timber, pulpwood and other wood products, but they also provide a range of environmental benefits such as soil protection and improved biodiversity (Forest). If a forest is planted on land that was previously cleared, the growth of the trees...
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