Green Revolution

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Green revolution within reach

People need energy all the time. Not only electricity is in great demand to make houses and other building operate but we need fossil fuels to use wide range of transportation. According to estimates, unrenewable sources will run out in the forseeable future. Scientists predict that we will be able to exploit coal for about two hundred and twenty years, natural gas about sixty years and oil will run out in forty years1. They also suggest the shift from fossil-fuel-consuming civilization towards the green global community who will create a symbiotic relation with nature. In practice, this means seeking alternative sources of energy that come from gifts of nature. And when you analyse the latest European Union law regulation about increasing usage of alternative energy 2, or read about newest scientific experiments with hydrogen cars and energy-efficient houses you will be convined the proccess of becoming green has already begun. Although there are some fears and doubts in this new social movement, the benefits far outweigh and give a new chance for mankind not to act against but coexist with the beauty of nature.

As a priority, alternative sources of energy as opposed to fossil fuels are clean energy. They do not cause emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Not releasing any carbon dioxide they do not contribute to the proccess of global warming as the popular and widespread fossil fuels do. Besides, they can be widely used for producing and generating electricity. When you consider the share of sources in producing electricity in the world, due to BP Statistical Yearbook 2004, you will notice the huge share of fossil fuels (67%), nuclear energy(16%) in comparison to 17% coming from hydroelectric dams(16%) and wind energy (1%)3. Hopefully, the world governments act for green solution and advertise clean energy giving incentives for maintaining it.

Analysing the newest European Union law regulation...
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