Green Purchasing

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Research on factors of green purchasing practices of

Green purchasing is a key strategy for enterprises to reduce waste and improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness. Based on the survey of 144 companies, five Principal components of green purchasing practices were extracted through factor analysis using SPSS statistic software. And then, regression analysis were conducted to verify the hypothesis, it drawed a conclusion on leaders’ support will boost the green purchasing practices and cost of environmental management will hinder the green purchasing practices of Chinese enterprises.

Keywords: green purchasing, environment cost management, empirical study Introduction
With the change of the social economic development level
and market environment, enterprise competitive means
have developed gradually from the quality competition, the
service competition, the brand competition to the green
competition. The export of our products is threatened by
"international green trade barriers" which directly affect our business competitiveness in the global market. In addition,
customers increasingly incline to the environmentally
friendly products due to a large number of unethical
business practices in the consumer goods industry that
have been exposed. Facing to a variety of competitive
pressure from the external environment, our country’s
enterprises must start the green transformation and
management to the whole supply chain from purchasing
raw materials to delivering the products to enhance its
competitiveness by reducing the number of raw materials
and waste, recovering , collecting, reusing, recycling and
reprocessing the scrap and old product and packing.The
company green purchasing which is the source of green
transformation process is the key factors to carry out the
green transformation (Min H and Galle P,1997).
Therefore, it is undoubtedly an important practical
significance to develop green management of the
enterprises in china by strengthening the research of
impact factors to the green procurement implementation.
However, Now most domestic and international research
focuses on supply chain management, or the external
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environment and specific-industry.Some scholars
examined the influence of green purchasing factors on
enterprise’s performance.
Goh Chee Wooi and Suhaiza Zailani(2010) conducted
an investigation on Green Supply Chain Initiatives in the
Context of SMEs in Malaysia, they found out the key
barrier in adopting green supply chain initiative, including attitudinal and perceptions barrier,information related
barrier,technical barrier, resource barrier and business
strategic orientation. Eltayeb and Zailani (2009) reviewed
twenty one literatures on green supply chain initiatives and concluded that the green supply chain initiatives can be
generally classified into three major elements. Amy H.I.
Lee et al.(2009)concerned environmental issues While the
works on the evaluation and/or selection of suppliers,they
proposed a model for evaluating green supplier.
ZhuQingHua et al. (2004) identified the main factors of
green supply chain management pressure, practice and
performance for China manufacturing enterprise by
questionnaire survey. Maria Björklund(2011) reckoned
business environment is very important for enterprise
purchasing, He investigated the different factors that
influence on environment purchasing through E-mail for
traffic transportation services, as well as in the Swedish
context. Annika Varnäs, Berit Balforset al. (2009) explores the current practice, problems and opportunities of green
procurement of construction contracts.Tarig Khidir eltayeb
et al.(2010)examines the effect of four drivers; regulations, customer pressures, social responsibility, and expected
business benefits on green purchasing in the Malaysian
manufacturing sector.They found green purchasing is
affected by regulations,...
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