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The Great Gatsby- chapter summaries:

Nick Carraway is the narrator of the novel. He tells us about events that happened in the summer of 1922.He moves from Minnesota in the Midwest to the Northeast to further a career in the finance industry. He works in New York but he lives just outside the city in Long Island. He moves to an area called West Egg – the nouveau riche part of Long Island – and finds himself living next door to a mysterious man called Gatsby. Nick has connections to the old money set - he was educated at Yale and his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, lives in the more fashionable area of East Egg. When having dinner with Daisy and her husband Tom, Nick meets a girl called Jordan and begins a relationship with her. Chapter2:

Nick goes to New York with Tom Buchanan and his mistress Myrtle Wilson. At the party Myrtle taunts Tom about Daisy, repeating her name over and over again, and he responds by hitting her.


Nick is invited to one of Gatsby’s lavish and decadent parties. He and Jordan meet Gatsby although they don’t realise who he is at first. There is a great deal of speculation about Gatsby’s background at the party. Gatsby tells Jordan a secret but the reader does not find out at this stage what it is.


Gatsby comes to Nick’s house and takes him for lunch in New York. There he reveals various things about his background: he claims he is from a wealthy San Francisco family, that he studied at Oxford and that he served in the army during World War One where he rose to become a Major. At lunch Nick is introduced to a gambler, Meyer Wolfshiem, who is rumoured to have fixed the 1919 Baseball World Series. Being associated with Wolfshiem strongly suggests that Gatsby has links to the criminal world.Jordan tells Nick that in 1917 she met Daisy and a young military officer called Jay Gatsby, who wanted to marry her. When he was away fighting in the war, however, she married the rich Tom Buchanan.It becomes clear...
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