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Greasy Lake

By chill Oct 24, 2008 571 Words
Greasy lake The boys are seeking to gain the respect and honor that man hood has for them. They thought that bad was good of course in that time it was the cool thing to do, they went cruising around the strip sixty seven times trying to look like bad boys. Then all of a sudden Digby (one of the narrator’s friends) fought for the wheel because he saw his friend’s car at greasy lake so they thought to play a prank on him they flashed their lights and honk the horn to look like the police. But they didn’t see their friend tom when they got close to the car they saw a dead body in the water they then screamed and ran for their lives in that mucky water while they were running in terror a lady screamed out and pointed to them and said “Its them they tried to raped me”(Greasy lake 134) and a greasy fellow came up to them and said “I’m going to kill you”(134) so they try to run which isn’t manly at all they don’t get to far eventually the greasy man catches up to them and starts beating them up. The boys take on the stronger man because it’s like a right of passage like when the Indians would go hunting with their sons they would leave as boys and come back men. Well if all three of them can some how beat this man up they will be manly and no one would mess with them, they try to punch him and kick him but it seemed like nothing would work some one even tried some karate moves on him but he just got slammed on the ground and the greasy man started to kick him. The greasy man then started to mess up the narrators mothers car then all of a sudden “whack” digby hit him in the ear with the tire iron, it was silent and everyone was scared because they thought they killed him and like little boys they run away for the car only to find out that they cant start it, “We were bad characters and we were scared and hot and three steps over the line anything could happen.”(132) The boys realize about them selves and the world is that they should not try to be something that their not and that they should except that they are still boys and not men yet. Because it’s not the actions that determine if we are a man but they way we bring about doing them the boys run away from their problems instead of confronting them head on “I contemplated in the car and every thing was still this was nature” (136) this means in nature everything has a time and a place for something and cant be rushed or it will disrupt the balance of nature. A wise man once said that “it takes more courage to reveal your feelings rather than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.” So if you don’t take responsibility for your own actions then you are still a child because it takes a real man to act serious and make rash decisions in a dire situation.

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