Gram Staining

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Gram Staining

Gram Staining is a method of differentiating bacterial species into two large groups (Gram-positive and Gram-negative). Gram Staining is a way to separate one large group of bacteria into two. Crystal violet is used to dye the cells, which is the primary stain. Those that retain the color are grouped as Gram-positive, and those that do not retain the color are grouped as Gram-negative. Many of the Gram-negative bacteria are pathogenic, making this process useful for detecting infections.

1) Microscope
2) Lab Coat
3) Gram Staining Lab
4) 2 Slides
5) Gram Stain Solution
6) Gram crystal violet
7) Gram iodine
8) Burner
9) Alcohol
10) Water
11) Staphylococcus epidermidis
12) Escherichia coli
13) Bacillus subtillis
14) Gram Safrain
First I get all my materials to get started. I make sure I turn on the burner and sterilize all my materials. I then smear E.C, BS, & SA and a mixture of all on 2 slides separated. Then I air-dry the slides but not so much, because it can burn my bacteria. After I put a drop of crystal violet on top of all the section of bacteria on my slides. I proceed to wait a minute for the crystal violet to soak on the bacteria. After the minute is over I make sure the water isn’t running quick enough to take the bacteria off my slides, I then proceed to wash my slides with dripping water. Then I add Gram iodine for a minute and wash it off with the dripping water. After that step is completed I spray alittle of alcohol on my slides where the bacteria sits for 30 seconds ten proceeds to wash it off with water. Then I add Safranine for one minute. After that is completed, I look for the bacteria on the slides.


Purple| Gram +ve| | | Bacillus subtilis|
| | | |
Pink| Gram -ve| | E. coli|
Purple| Gram +ve| | Staphylococcusaureus|
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