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Learner: Maurice L. Penny


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Dr. Mia Mercurio-Morse

Concept Paper
Assignment 7 Measurements/Assessments Paper

Faculty Use Only

The variables, which were measured and obtained via official school records from the East Central ISD, including the following: (a) absentee records, (b) grade retention / credit recovery, (c) standardized test scores, and (d) graduation rates. Pre- and post- alternative academic setting (AAS) values will be gathered by summing all he data (collected annually). Students were divided into the two types of absenteeism (intrinsic vs. extrinsic) and then cross referenced with the three dependent variables retention rate / credit recovery, standardized test scores, and graduation rates. These results are compared to before (pre) and after (post) entering the alternative school setting. Researchers had some students do questionnaires (see Appendix I). Absentee records. These are records from ECISD Central Office (CO) from students that attended public school within the district between the 3rd grade and graduation. After observing student absentees, they are divided into two groups. Extreme cases of absenteeism were deemed truant students; 3rd-8th grade more than 20 days per school year, or 9th-12th more than 40 days per school year. All students that had absentee problems starting during these grades, 3rd-8th grades were placed in the category of extrinsic absenteeism. These students were absent because of their parents actions (not getting them up for school), this becomes a learned behavior that often times led to truancy. Students that did not have attendance problems until after 9th grade are placed in the intrinsic absentee category. These students were absent by choice of the student (part time job, substance abuse problem, living on their own, etc.). Grade retention / credit recovery. These are records from ECISD Central Office (CO) from students that attended public school within the district between the 3rd grade and graduation. Grade retention was measured annually by examining official school records for the student’s advancement or lack of advancement to the next grade level. There was also consideration for grade placement committee (GPC) in which these cases the student was considered to be retained because they did not meet all requirements for promotion. School records reflected annually the grade level of the student at every given year over the student’s academic tenure. For example, a student’s record may have appeared as such: 2008 – 7th grade, 2009 – 8th grade, 2010 – 8th grade, 2011 – 9th grade, 2012 – 9th grade. Examining these students, the researcher was able to deduce the student was retained twice because he/she repeated the 8th grade and 9th grade twice. To determine the annual standardized grade retention mean, the researcher...
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