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1. Title -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03 2. Citation -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03 3. Abstract -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04 4. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04 5. Higher education and graduate labour market ---------------------------05 6. Summary Of Research Questions -----------------------------------------------05 7. Methods--------------------------------------------------------------------------06 a) Data gathering

b) Data analysis
8. Findings--------------------------------------------------------------------------06 9. Literature review-----------------------------------------------------------------07 10. Critical Evaluation of Methodology -------------------------------------------08 11. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------09 12. References ------------------------------------------------------10 13. Appendices ------------------------------------------------------11


A critical review of

“Graduate recruitment and selection in the UK:

A study of the recent changes in methods and expectations”


Branine M. 2008

“Graduate recruitment and selection in the UK:

A study of the recent changes in methods and expectations”

Career Development International
Volume: 13; Issue: 6; Page: 497 - 513



This study is done by Mr. Branine to find out the recent changes in graduate attracting and selecting policy of UK graduate employer. He has used structured questionnaire to gather data from various sectors of UK graduate recruiter and used SPSS software to analyse those data. The motto of this research was to help those employers who are thinking to improve their existing method and also to help the higher education institutions to improve their syllabus to make sure that their graduate pupils are capable to work in real world of job.

Here I have tried to do the appraisal of how well evidence support and what could have done better in this research. In large context, what are the limitations of this research? Who can be benefited from this? How effectively data is gathered and analysed? What are further resources can be used? And areas for further research are outlined.


"The importance of ensuring the selection of the right people to join the workforce has become increasingly apparent as the emphasis on people as the prime source of competitive advantage has grown." (Title: Human Resource Management; Julie Beardwell & Tim Claydon; 5th Edition; P-189). At present, most of the employers have realised that the best graduate recruitment and selection means better future of the company. That’s why they are using variety of process for graduate recruitment to get the best candidate from different disciplines. As per information of Chartered Institute of Personal and Development we know that from 1980 graduate people are increased two times than earlier. In 1999, The Association of Graduate Recruiters revealed that even though averagely having sixty eight candidates for per vacancy, still it is difficult to employee quality graduates. Pollit, (2005) describe that In 2004, after a lengthy selection procedure Lioyds TSB recruited only 102 applicant from 3,800 applications.

Human Resource Department can do successful recruitment if it is done from a pool of applications. Nowadays it’s easy to attract larger number of applicants but problem to get suitable applicants. There is a many studies and research in recruitment and selection but which are not very specific on graduate recruitment and selection. In this study, Mr M.B tried to stick on 'graduate recruitment'. Here 'graduate' is...
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