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Topics: Distribution of wealth, Wealth, Tax Pages: 12 (2328 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Authors note- I didn’t find it hard to choose a topic. I chose the topic of taxes on the rich because it is just something that I am interested. I thought it was really easy to find sources on the library database about this topic. One problem I had was narrowing down my results because I got like 20,000 results when I first typed in taxing the rich but after you showed us how to pick databases that helped a lot. One of the things I revised after reading my paper out loud to my partners was that fact that I kept repeating the words "taxing the rich" way to many times. I didn’t realize it until I read my paper out loud to my partners. reading my paper out loud was very beneficial for me. I think some of the strengths in my paper were my sources. I feel like I had sources that fit my topic perfectly and presented different sides of the argument. I found some good quotes and I think they helped me prove my point. one of the weakness I think I have is my conclusion because it was short.

Outline-intro- talking about the topic and narrowing it down to taxes body paragraph 1. introduce the argument with the topic and state my side body 2. talk about a source and give evidence body 3. how i feel about the evidence given. conclusion. where i want to go with the topic I did not follow my outline that well

America Split on Taxing the Rich
Kaden Nosbush
Professor Joel
English 102
We have all heard about how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But how bad have things really gotten? In an article written by Cory Doctorow, on, I came across some staggering statistics. “40% of all American workers make less than $20,000 a year.” “In the United States today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.” “49.7 million Americans are living in poverty.  That is a brand new all-time record high.” These statistics are mind blowing, and I think they prove that something needs to change in our country. The only question is, how can we fix the wealth gap between the rich and the poor. One of the solutions that seems to be being debated quite often is taxing the rich. Some people believe that taxing the rich would be good for the country, but others might argue that increasing taxes could cause some serious problems. I believe that taxing the wealthy would have a positive impact on the country. Raising taxes on the rich is an argument that can be looked at many different ways. One argument that arises is that if we tax the rich they won’t work as hard. In an article by Peter Smith titled “Taxing the Rich and Spreading the Wealth” Smith discusses a survey conducted of motor vehicle workers in the UK in the 1960s. In the survey, they asked the workers at the company if they thought their colleagues would work less overtime if the government were to increase tax rates. 90% of the people in the survey said yes, their colleagues would work less. I guess this could be a valid point. Imagine you were making $20 dollars an hour at your job and then one day the government stepped in and said that you are only going to make $17 dollars an hour from now on. You definitely wouldn’t feel inspired to work harder than you did the day before. The only problem I see with the argument is the fact that the rich will still be making billions of dollars weather their taxes go up or not. The millionaires and billionaires of the country that would really be affected by tax increases, might not work as hard as they would if they hadn’t been taxed, but it’s not like they are going to stop working altogether. It’s not like the major corporations in the US would disappear because the rich are working a little less. Overall I don’t think that taxing the wealthy would cause any major problems even if the rich didn’t work quite as hard. Another argument that...
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