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Topics: New York City, Caribbean, Staten Island Ferry Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: June 18, 2013
I have always imagined as a child about the first time I would play in snow and how fun it would be, but on that cold winter day that I arrived at JFK airport. I suddenly realized my fairytale about winter was just a fantasy. When the door first opened at JFK airport in New York, the cold winter breeze blew my way and raised every single pore in my body, it left me shaking unlike anything I have ever felt before. From that day on, I knew everything in my life would be different. I was born in a beautiful, tropical country named Trinidad, located at the northern edge of South America, part of the Caribbean islands. My family and I moved to America because my mother wanted a better life for her children. I was confused and homesick for some time but I adjusted slowly. I have grown up to understand it was a bold and courageous choice on my mother’s behalf. She sacrificed so much to move into this foreign country because everyone knows America is known as the great land of opportunities. I started to travel around New York with my older cousin who knew her way around the city. She showed me how travel using M.T.A public transportation bus and trains. We traveled to Times Square in Manhattan and took walks through Central park. We took the Staten Island ferry and passed by the New York iconic landmark, statue of liberty. This was all a whole new experience for me and it was exciting. I was fascinated by it all; I started to like my new home slowly but surely. I learned why people referred to New York as a melting pot. It was so diverse with: many different cultures all living in this brick walled, cold city together as one. I met people of many different races, cultures and religious beliefs. New York has such a wide variety in styles of clothing, restaurants, music and many more. It had Trinidadian restaurants with familiar dishes from my homeland like roti, peleau, different types of curry, coconut bread and fruits which I loved. It made me...
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