Gopro to Watchapro

Topics: Marketing, Streaming media, Brand Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: April 27, 2013
GoPro. Be a Hero.
“GoPro will never replace Smartphone cameras it created for another purpose Capture meaningful life experience” - Nick Woodman In our project we basically were trying to make a revolution by bringing GoPro video cameras to the live streaming sport. GoPro already proven that they are one of the best on the market (Soulati Media, 2012). Our group knew from the first minutes what presentation would be about. All of our group members were very loyal to the product, which GoPro are selling. GoPro was created in 2002 by Nick Woodman (1.2 billion $), which was developed camera for surfing and realized that people could use it in other sports such as skiing, bicycling etc. His idea motivating people to “bring world to you by you“. Company grew very quick and got millions of fans around the world. Even the number of employees for such a small company increased on tremendous amount. In 2010 GoPro started with 8 people, at the end they were 55 people and today they are about 260 people. (Mac, 2013) For our project we were suppose to bring GoPro into new market. We decided to bring it into Live Sport, so people can stream online or watch record videos after game; follow favourite players and games from point of view (POV). The Box Model was the main model we focused on. Basically it is a model that helps to build and manage a brand step by step. Our presentation we did together and after just divided into parts. I was response for launching a WatchApro. At the beginning we set our objectives. One of the main one is to make money and increase the volume of sells by entering live sport market and by increasing marketing budget. Our new market is supposed to focusing on innovation. We wanted to become a market leader in live-sport segment in the world by 2014 (next world cup). To reach our goal we needed in organizational structure - create the market, design concept, and build the communication channels. Also our product would be modify – make the...

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