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Belonging: Related Text Suggestions

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Thread: Belonging: Related Text Suggestions

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18 Nov 2009, 3:48 PM #1
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Belonging: Related Text Suggestions

Suggestions for Related Material

This thread is for members to share suggestions for related material for the Area of Study, Belonging. Feel free to post ideas for texts as well as links to sources which have lists of suggested materials.

To get the thread started, here are some sites which have some suggestions for related material.
Belonging and the Area of Study: this site has a list of suggested fiction and non-fiction books as well as films. Infocus: has some suggested texts.
e-rudite HSC Belonging: this site has a list of suggested texts as well as a definition of belonging and other information. Hurstville Library: this document has a list of suggested related texts. Inside Break: this site has a large list of suggested related texts. Anne Plowman: this is a list of suggested belonging picture books. Sue Bognar: a list of suggested belonging texts from various sources. The Chimaera: includes an assortment of poetry and prose focusing on various aspects of belonging, including its negative form, alienation.


Museum of London: Belonging

This is a thought-provoking multimedia exhibition that was staged at the Museum of London in 2007. It challenged many of the assumptions about refugees and explored the contributions they have made to London.

Website: Scattered People

Scattered People is a photo documentary that was developed over six months. It tells the story of three families and their plight as refugees.

Website: Brisbane stories

This website has a large range of stories about living in Brisbane. It has images, stories and oral recollections by people living in and around Brisbane.

Website: Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission

Voices of Australia

Voices of Australia was developed in recognition of 30 years of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. It features many different stories about Australian, and reminds us that we are a society of many diverse communities. It has audio stories, music, photographs and information about Australia.

Website: Film Australia: Digital learning

Digital learning: Sense of Belonging

Sense of Belonging - History, Identity

This short film is about the journey of descendants of ni-Vanuatu workers back to their homeland. They had come to work in the Queensland sugar industry in the 1930s and are...
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