Google SWOT Strenghts Weakness VRIN

Topics: Google, Web search engine, Bing Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Google SWOT Analysis:
Google Search Engine- The number one search engine, hard to replicate. Strong Brand Value
Ancillary Service- Gmail, YouTube, Google Hangout
Robust Research and Development Opportunities


Click fraud
Piracy and copyright issue
Not a leader in social media space

Growing demand of online video
Growing demand of Android OS

Competition from Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and smaller competitors Rapid Technological changes

Strengths: Google has established a brand name which users trust. End-users need little to less marketing and technology enthusiastic keep a close watch on the new products Google releases. Google has a simple interface in 88 languages making it easier to access by users in different countries. Google offers a broad range of services that includes Gmail, YouTube, Google hangout, Google play, Google chrome, Google Earth, Maps, and Android etc. A comprehensive range of service offerings enables the company to attract and retain customers and maximize its market share and revenue. Google could benefit from the growing demand for online video. Though current online video constitutes about one third of the total web traffic, there huge potential in online video market. YouTube and Google’s online community that allows users to share upload and rate video worldwide stands to gain from this growth. Weakness: One major point of concern for Google is “Click frauds”. Click fraud artificially inflates the number of clicks, and increases pay per click advertising fee charged to advertisers. Since the company derives a majority of its revenue from advertising, an increase in number of click frauds may also result in the company being compelled to refund the fee to its advertisers. Another concern is Google hasn't produced a viable social media product, Google Buzz was shut down after poor performance. Google has not fully utilized its resources to tap on to growing Social...
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