Google’s Country Experiences: France, Germany, Japan

Topics: Google search, Google, Web search engine Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: February 7, 2012
1.How does a search engine work and make money?
Google’s search engine allows users to input and submit data online. In return, the user would receive relevant search results. Behind the scenes upon the submission, web crawlers scan through billions of pages and link keywords from a user’s data to the publish data on the web. Their PageRank technology ranks these pages by the number and popularity of other sites that link to the page. This provides the user with accurate and popular results. Google search engines generated high revenues between advertising on its websites and selling its technology to other sites. 2.What is the exportability of a search engines technology and business model? In 2007, Google has exported its search engine technology to nearly 160 local domains and up to 120 languages. This allowed businesses to advertise on a global level. “Originally, Google business model was licensing their search engine services to other websites. The first quarter of 2000, they introduced premium sponsorships through its first advertising program. This offered advertisers the ability to place text-based ads on it websites targeted to the user’s search quires and paid for the number of times their ads displayed on the search result pages. Following the premium sponsorship Google released Adwords in the fourth quarter of 2000 that allowed advertisers to place targeted text-based ads on Google sites. Here advertisers paid on a Cost-Per-Click basis-only when a user clicked on one of its ads. The first quarter of 2002 Google released AdSense service that distributed relevant ads from advertisers, for display with search results on the Google Network member’s sites, which was a large group of websites and other products such as e-mail programs and blogs, who had partnered up with Google to display Adwords ads.”

2.Why did many governments appear threatened by Google? How did they counter this threat? Discuss each country separately. Many governments felt...
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