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Spencer Monroe
Al Copone
Al Copone was born on January 17 1899. He was an American gangster who made tons of money selling illegal alcohol during prohibition act. The prohibition act started in 1920. It met that nobody could buy or sell alcohol. He was born in Brooklyn New York, but moved to Chicago Illinois when he was 17. He was in gangs at a very young age. He got expelled when he was only 14 years old for gang related fight. Al Copone was a really smart guy. He would pay off the people he needed to not go to jail. He would pay cops, politicians, and his neighbors. Even though he did kill some people, he was a good guy. He is somewhat a modern day version of Robin Hood. He would steal from the rich and give it to the poor Italian neighborhoods. Al Copone made around 100,000,000 dollars a year, which right now is filthy rich, but back then it was even more than filthy. He would spend about 25,000,000 bribing people so he didn’t have to go to prison. On December 30 1918 he married Mae Josephine Coughlin, who was Irish Catholic and who, earlier that month, had given birth to their first son. His name was Albert Francis (Sonny) Capone. As Capone was under the age of 21, his parents had to consent to the marriage in writing. Even though Al Copone was a Mobster or gangster, he considered himself a business man, which I think in some ways he kind of was a business man. He did influence the economy. Al Copone died on January 25 1947 (eight days after his birthday) in Palm Island from a heart attack.
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