Good the Bad the Mental Notification

Topics: Mental disorder, Mental illness, Health care Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Cecil Hills High School

Assessment Task Cover Sheet

Assessment task number: 2

Area of Study/Module: The Good, The Bad and The Mental

Nature of task: Research Task

Outcomes to be assessed:
5.6analyses attitudes, behaviours and consequences related to health issues affecting young people 5.8 critically analyses health information, products and services to promote health

You will be assessed on your ability to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of a specific mental illness, including symptoms, triggers and treatments • Identify relevant support services available

Task description:

You are required to research a specific mental health illness. These illnesses include: Anxiety Disorders (Vidot), Bi Polar Disorder (Williams), Depression (Condon and Hickey), Schizophrenia (Dunn), Bulimia (Schell) and Anorexia (Miletic).

You will be required to present the information as a Wiki ( (Students will not have access to wiki through school internet). The link needs to be sent to your teacher’s DET email: ________________________________________________

Construct your Wiki using pictures, sounds, text, video etc, which address the following:

1) Identify and describe the nature of the mental illness.

2) Outline the signs and symptoms of the mental illness.

3) Investigate the prevalence of the mental illness in Australia.

4) Propose appropriate support networks (at least 3) available in the local area.

5 a) On your Wiki, attach a form of media (video, movie, poem, song, news article, interview etc) that discusses the mental illness you are researching. b) Analyse the behaviour/emotion/language of your subject in relation to your mental health issue.

Marking Criteria:

|Criteria |Marks | |Provides clear...
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