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Topics: Risk, Value, Form of the Good Pages: 5 (869 words) Published: May 15, 2015

Week 9 Tutorial S1 2015


Examples of Good vs. Bad Themes (20 mins)
A chance for you to ask questions and continue
working on your themes. (40 mins)





1. I'm a very well-organized

1. I'm capable of gathering

2. Working independently is
important to me.

2. Competition.

3. I have an enterprising spirit.
4. I'm good at making friends.**
5. I'm a deep thinker.
6. Socialising is very important
to me**
7. I value dignity, respect and
fairness in the workplace

3. I believe that if I work hard
and apply my abilities and
talents, I will be successful.
4. I am a self-actualised,
independent person.
5. The ability to cope with stress
and pressure are an essential
part of my life

Competition means everything to me

I have always enjoyed competing, whether it would be in sports, studies or other extracurricular activities. For example, in highschool I represented my school’s representative basketball team and enjoyed competing with other players. In my Ideal Job

Description, I stated that I would want to encounter a lot of competition in my occupation. This was consistent with results in the Work Value Inventory, where I scored 16/16 for ‘competition’ placing me in the 99th percentile for this category. Additionally, the Career-Anchors Self Assessment indicated that the ‘pure challenge’ component was one of my top career anchors, which possibly explains why I enjoy competing so much. For example, when I worked at as a credit-card agent, selling credit cards face-to-face was very daunting at first and required persistence in order to a make sale. However, I managed to step up to the challenge and was shortly after awarded for top sales made in a week. From my perspective, the more competitive and challenging the work is, the more rewarding it will be.



I am not a risk taker
I truly believe it is impossible to completely avoid risk. However, I do believe in managing the risk one faces on a continuous basis. To me, this has resulted in undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in accounting which further down the track can result in an accredited professional certificate and not a degree in Arts with a major in history which I perceive as comparatively quite risky in terms of securing a job. Further, getting the lowest score in the entrepreneurial section in the Career Anchors further confirms my own belief of being a risk avoidant person, since this anchor is closely associated with risk‐taking. Having a low score in this section and a high score on the security career anchor also makes sense. In addition, my interview with significant other (brother) revealed that I always consider my decisions for a long time before making them, indicating that I am very careful to avoid risks. During my years in the army, which is a highly organised and structured organisation, risk was always a part of every mission I undertook. I found this very stressful, and what I learned about myself during these three years is that I prefer a safer occupation with less risk. From early on in my stint in the armed forces, I knew very well that I was not going to make a career as a military officer. However, this job was a positive one in that my experience as a junior officer helped me develop leadership skills, which are for my career choice.

A good work environment is important to me
In my current job, I work with fantastic people which I think is one of the most important factors of whether you are happy in a job. 

I will be spending over 45 hours a week with my work colleagues.

I want to wake up each morning and look forward to going to

Social work events.

I want to work reasonable working hours and not have to go into the office on the weekends....
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