Good Design Results In Good Programs

Topics: Design pattern, Software design patterns, Articles with example Java code Pages: 6 (1335 words) Published: January 7, 2015
Bagas, Camille Anne A.July 24. 2014
BSIT-3AProf. Nueva

“Good Design results in Good programs”

There’s a lot of program nowadays that are emerging because of many reasons. The number one reason is that it is easy to use. Another is that it is said to be efficient and lastly is that it is eye-catching. Eye-catching, in the sense that it easily attracts users not only because of its beauty but also they assure the effectiveness and productivity of the program that they will use. A program now should be tested in order to qualify to the needs of the users. In order to meet these needs, a program should use a step-by-step procedure for it to be executable. This step includes the engineering phase, the design phase, the implementation (which is the actual programming), testing and lastly the maintenance (which is responsible in maintaining the user’s satisfaction). Out of all this phases, the design will be the one that I will be focusing on. But before that let’s look back to what we have understood in this phase. During the design phase, a model of the whole system is developed that when it is coded in some programming language, solves the problem of the user. The problem is then dissolved into manageable pieces called modules or components. The purpose of these modules and the interfaces between them are specified in a very precise way. This is why the Design is one of the most important parts in producing a good program. Technically speaking, Design refers to the solution created at that stage to satisfy the requirements. To make it simple, it generally states that it is the key to fulfill or solve the problem of the user. A design also serves as an outline or a pattern that will be the guide on all of the process or phases. This pattern highlights the ways in making the design result of a program. Good programs display good design results but the question is what good design results are? Good design results are the outcome of a program that followed the correct pattern or sequence for it to be beneficial and precise to users. We should always consider the opinion of our client because it is important to know what will be the outcome they want to see. Like what is stated in our Software Engineering class, “sit down with the end-users and have them help you design the input screens appearance. They are the ones who will help you build the program they want. Documentation or documenting all the information that the client gives you is necessary to do for us to not always ask but rather we will just look at the information they said. Examples of information are the Introduction, under this is the purpose, scope and overview and the other’s are specifications and system requirements. There are processes for creating a design document. The first one is to learn the current system and needs. Specifically the clients need (which refers to the program), the goal for using a computerized system (if it is really needed), and finding out how the present system works (for you to have an idea or background about it). The next one is to create a UML (Unified Modeling Language). The current version of this has enhanced the capabilities that can provide the systems engineer improved diagrams to allow modeling of system engineering and architecture design. For what I understand in the second process, it is designed to provide a standard way to easily visualize the design of the system. In defining models and diagrams, they use a framework which is the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture. The author defined models that are used to diagram the views of the architecture. The Zachman Framework has been an industry standard in defining architecture elements by describing the Abstractions (Data, Function, Network, People, Time and Motivation) and Perspectives (Scope, Business Model, Systems Model, Technology Model, and Detailed Representations). It is important that the system engineering...
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