good day that turns into bad

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The perfect day before disaster
The bond between a mother and a daughter is one that is unbreakable. It is a bond that no one can understand unless they experience it themselves. I am one of those lucky daughters out there that had that type of bond with my mother. I was a complete “mommy’s girl”. As I started to grow up everywhere she went, I was right behind her, stepping on her heels along the way. I wanted to talk like her, act like her and even look like her. Sometimes she would catch me in the act of putting her makeup on. She wouldn’t be too happy with me at first, but then she couldn’t help but laugh seeing as how it was all over my face. Then one night something happened that changed all that for the worse and made me realize just how special life really is and to never take it for granted.

This day started off as any normal day for me. I remember waking up and throwing the covers off as fast as I could so I could go running into my parents’ room to give them a rude awakening, just as any 5 year old kid would do. I sprinted from my bedroom to theirs and came flying around the corner jumping in midair, but instead of landing on their bodies I just landed on the empty bed. Since I usually woke up before they did, I was a little confused as to why they weren’t there and started moseying my way through the house to find them. I was getting ready to walk into the living room when my nose caught a whiff of something that made me change my course of direction. I went into the kitchen eager to know what that mouthwatering smell was, when there was my mother standing in front of me with a plate of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, my favorite! She started to hand me a plate but stopped to tell me that after I finished my food there was a surprise waiting for me outside. Before she could even finish talking I had already grabbed the plate out of her hand, slammed it on the table and started stuffing my face full. She wasn’t even halfway done with her...
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