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Unconditional Love
A mother-daughter relationship is extremely vital and special. I am immensely grateful and blessed to have an incredible relationship with my mom. Some people are not as privileged to have such an incredible bond with their mothers the way I do. The bond and relationship that I have with my mom can never be replaced and it means more than any other relationship that I have ever had with anybody else. It is obvious that a mother-daughter relationship goes through an appreciable amount of different stages as the years go by. Identity management, self-disclosure, and emotional contagion are the three different aspects of communication that are consisted in the interpersonal relationship that I have with my mom.

During certain times, we are aware of managing impressions, and at other times, we unconsciously act in ways that make an impression on others. There are particular situations that would require deliberate identity management. For example, the way an individual would act while at church would most likely not be the same way they would act if they were at a baseball game. Likewise, the way a person would speak to a stranger sitting next to them at the bus stop would probably not be the same way that person would speak to their significant other. Sometimes, certain people will take identity management to another level, especially in affiliation with today’s technology. However, I am the type of person that knows and understands the limits that I should maintain when it comes to managing the different identities that I obtain. I have been doing a good job of that so far and my healthy relationship with my mom is a conspicuous form of proof, in both my point of view and my mother’s point of view. I am certain and convinced that my mom would not be pleased to see me smoke cigarettes and swear like a sailor, which is why I never show that specific identity or that side of me to my mom. I display that particular identity to my friends and my brother only because not only do they accept it, but they acquire that same identity, as well. My mom can be a little judgmental sometimes, which is understandable because she grew up in different times and has an entirely divergent mentality than I do. This situation of mine associates with the saying “Some things are better left unsaid”, which in this case would be “Some things are better left unseen.” I am not the only one in this relationship that manages identities, though. I have learned over the years that my mother has multiple identities, too. When my parents have difficulty making rent, paying the bills, are planning on making a big decision about something important that would affect our family’s lives, or come across harsh news in relation to any of our family members, my mom tries her best to conceal it from me, especially since I am the youngest member of the family. Indeterminately, my mom will be going through a very rough time at some point in her life and I will be utterly clueless about it. She manages this specific identity only for my own good. She simply does not want me to worry and get upset about things that could be fixed in the near future. According to Laura Michelle Morgan’s book, The Nature, Antecedents and Consequences of Social Identity-Based Impression Management, she quoted Tedeschi and Melburg on the following, “Impression management theory distinguishes between acquisitive strategies (attempts to be seen favorably or positively) and protective/defensive strategies (attempts to minimize deficiencies and avoid looking badly) for creating a desired image.” (Morgan, 30) Both my mother and I keep certain things classified from each other in prevention from getting each other stressed out, upset, or worried.

In connection and alikeness with identity management, self-disclosure is another aspect of interpersonal communications that I find in my relationship with my mom. Self-disclosure is any type of information that an individual...
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