Gondoliers Paint Essay

Topics: Venice, Gondola, John Singer Sargent Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: May 8, 2013
John Singer Sargent painted watercolors most of his life, it was in 1900 when he decided to use other mediums like watercolor and stop painting for the upper class.
John Singer Sargent traveled continuously to Venice, it was one of his favorite places to visit and gain inspiration. He would go and paint the darkness and most hide places in the city. Viewers of his art would be able to appreciate places and the most unknowns places in Venice, most of them the most forgotten and that most of the travelers ,visitors never got to see. In his paint ,Gondoliers' Siesta,the way he painted the buildings gives us the idea of how he percepts the place, and wants to transmit the same to us.

In the piece of art are visible buildings ,probably houses that one day were brightly white and from a wealthy family , viewer can infer that because of the size and structure of the homes. Now it are cover of rust, the windows are broken, and it gives the impression that are abandoned. Seems that the buildings are becoming smaller and less clear as they are more far from the front of the picture, kind of a 3D effect to give the touch of reality .Like almost every single house in Venice , it is located besides a canal , where the boats, best known as gondolas are floating without a direction neither a passenger , except for two, that carry a male each. One of them is Sargent but is difficult to identify which one. The one in the boat at the left is sitting, watching the other man at the left , he is laying across the gondola, observing to no specific point, thinking. Both of the persons have hats and blue clothing , seems to be foreigners. There are old poles lining at each side of the canal, waiting to be painted and repaired, in order to shine again and give light to what once could had been a beautiful,elegant, colorful and full of live neighborhood. The sky is gray, drab, giving a sense of mysterious, like it is about to rain. It transfer a feeling of sadness, depression,...
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