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Ashutosh Dutt

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Final Research Report:
To be presented to Go Air

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Student Name: Deboshree Bhattacharjee
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Specialization and Section: MBA - PR
Batch: 2012-14

Table of Contents

Problem Definition3
Approach to the Problem and Research Design4
Type of research design4
Data collection from secondary sources4
Data collection from primary sources4
Data Analysis5
Who are the customers?6
What is the current overall and stage-wise satisfaction level of customers?9
How does this satisfaction compare across competition?12
What is driving their satisfaction or what are their key expectations from Go Air?14
What is driving satisfaction at each stage?16
Of the stages important to customers which are the ones on which GA is performing well?21
Of the stages important to customers which are the ones on which GA is not performing well?23
How many of the satisfied customers are willing to repurchase and recommend?24
Where are the gaps?26
Conclusions and recommendations27
Limitations and caveats29
Issue Tree30
Questionnaire and Sampling Technique31
Consideration of scales31
Technique Used for Collection of Data31

Problem Definition

The Indian aviation industry was facing two major problems in the month of October, 2012. One was a sharp drop in the domestic passenger traffic in October, while the second saw the exit of Kingfisher Airlines from the market. Traffic fell to 4.55 million in October 2012 from 5.4 million in October 2011, a drop of almost 1 million. This was unexpected by many in the industry as this is the peak season time for most of the airlines which operate, owing to festive travelling.

This loss of Kingfisher Airlines was a gain for the other existing domestic airlines which grabbed the market share that was previously held by Kingfisher Airlines.  The main beneficiary of this exit was Indigo Airlines which became the market leader in the domestic aviation sector and Air India which regained its lost ground after a turbulent phase of high debt to the tune of 20,000cr.

The following are the business problems when it comes to understanding why Go Air has not been able to increase its market share in the domestic aviation sector.

Business Problem: Despite a 19% market share up for grabs, Go Air hasn’t benefitted from it in last 1 year. The airline lost out on a major opportunity to capitalize on available market share, one which the competition successfully lapped up.

Marketing Problem: No. of existing passengers has reduced as Go Air has been unable to retain them. Customer retention is an issue with the airline. Overall, therefore Go Air is facing the issue of customer attrition.

Research Problem: For Go Air, it is critical to figure out the current level of satisfaction of their customers. While this doesn’t imply that the existing customers are dissatisfied, their satisfaction level must be gauged and monitored to figure out ways to improve their experience. The objective of this research, finally, is defined as under:

How should the satisfaction of existing Go Air customers be improved?

Approach to the Problem and Research Design
Type of research design
The research design that was adopted is broadly “Conclusive” and “Descriptive” in particular since we needed to judge the key drivers of satisfaction and figure out ways to improve the same. The existing customers of Go Air from the past six months featured as the sample frame. Ideally, a sample size of 271 was arrived at to be an accurate representation of the population. Finally, sampling was performed using Probability-Random sampling though respondents were screened for their fitment to the decided time frame of six months. Data collection from secondary sources

The data used to arrive at the nuances of the problem including...
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