Go Global or No?

Topics: Competitor analysis, Brand, Competition Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: February 13, 2007
To: Greg McNally, CEO of Data Clear
Subject: Go Global ¡Vor No?

In an effort to compete with VisiDat, DataClear has been facing a dilemma if they should go global as a strategy to keep its current market. I have listed the pros and the cons of going global and I have also submitted a solution. „«Why Data Clear should go global?

1.DataClear has a competitive advantage over the new company VisitDat, because over the years DataClear has been very successful increasing it sales from $2.2 million to a $5.3 million which means that they have gained market acceptance inside the United States and have a greater probability of being successful over seas. 2.DataClear should expand internationally before it competitors, because if they stay behind they wont be as recognized as other companies that reach out other markets. 3.DataClear should go global to increase its sales because they would be able to reach a greater market. „«Why DataClear shouldn¡¦t go global?

1.There is clear evidence that DataClear has no international experience which may caused them to make some mistakes. 2.DataClear should do some research on its current competitor VisiDat before they start to panic. 3.Global expansion will require funds in excess of what¡¦s available 4.DataClear would be exposed to a new culture which they have no knowledge of. After reviewing all the pros and cons of going global I advise DataClear that they should wait before taking this step. I believe they don¡¦t have enough international experience which may cause them to make mistakes. I advise them to stay in the U.S. because the domestic market doesn¡¦t demand a fresh learning of language or culture. DataClear should plan for global expansion in the long term because they should build a strong brand image. They should also invest on ClearCloud by adding attractive features bringing out new features for other industries. If after all DataClear wants to continue to go global I recommend...
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