Go at Em Poem Response to the Flea by John Donne

Topics: Bite, Flea, KILL Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Kayla-Marie Thomas
AP Lit 7
“The Flea” by John Donne
Task 3: Go At ‘Em Poem Response

1.Do you really expect me to look at this flea?
2.And compare it biting us to you and me?
3.I don’t care if we were both bit, I’m not in the mood. 4.I don’t care if it consumed both of our bloods.
5.You really need to step your game up, fool.
6.You can’t use bugs to get in my pants, that ain’t cool. 7.This flea doesn’t need to persuade me to bite me, it is insignificant, 8.You cannot compare bug bites and fornication, though neither do I want 9.We shall not do anything, oh no we shant!

10.This little flea means nothing to me!
11.It does not symbolize marriage, so please let me be!
12.I am not a flea, how dare you compare
13.This flea is a bother, and I am so fair
14.Not even my parents approve, so please be gone
15.I’m through with you, I’ve had it, I’m done!
16.Killing a flea is not a crime
17.It would not kill you, no not this time
18.The only sacrilege? You trying to take what’s mine.

19.Haha! I’ve done it! I’ve killed your precious flea!
20.Our marriage is now annulled, will you now let me be?
21.This flea had no innocence, this creature had no soul,
22.Our blood meant nothing, will you please take a stroll?
23.Your begging makes me angry, so get out of my vicinity
24.Your argument was daft on taking my virginity
25.I’m glad you admit that your argument was wrong
26.I haven’t lost my honor, my pride remains so strong
27.But leave my sight, I still don’t want you, you’re irritating, bong.
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