GMO Food Labels

Topics: Genetically modified food, Genetically modified organism, Genetic engineering Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: November 24, 2013

In our economy, consumers are constantly purchasing goods for everyday life. We need the essential necessities in our lives in order to keep reproducing, this includes food, water, shelter, and clothing. Someone goes into a grocery store to buy vegetables for dinner and comes across a can of corn. The person sees different brands and chooses the one that gives them the obvious better deal, but did they check out of curiosity if the specific cans of corn were the original strain of plant or cross-bred? Most people do not even begin to have a curiosity for those types of information; yes maybe nutritional facts but rarely the origin.

Genetically modified foods are produced and consumed everyday. GM foods are enhanced by genetic engineers in order to give a crop certain traits in order for it to survive and be harvested. Some crops can't survive in different climates or need to bred in certain environments or seasons to survive. Some are even invaded by insects or birds that are attracted to its pollens or nutrients. These engineers are able to isolate specific genes within the crop to cross-breed another crop that could use this gene for sustainability. Essentially in the longer run, the engineers are providing benefits and cushions for farmers to harvest their crops with minimal difficulty.

The world population has topped 7 billion people and is predicted to double within the next 50 years. Ensuring an adequate food supply for this booming population is going to be a major challenge in the years to come. GM foods promise to meet this need in a number of ways (CSA). There are many advantages to producing GM foods, but some of the major ones are:

Some plants carry a gene that allow them to be resistant to disease. There are many plant diseases, and if this trait can be carried over to other crops then it can ensure that many farmers' crops can survive not only a full harvest season but beyond. Plant biologists work on discovering plant diseases and...

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