Gmat Score 700+ Advisory Essay
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Score 700+ on the GMAT - Advisory Essay

The Graduate Management Admissions Test, required for applicants to graduate business or management programs. This essay is dedicated for all of the people out there who are struggling with the exam and who would like to get into a Top 10 MBA program. I will provide you with my personal experiences and a compilation of articles that will help you achieve your dream score of 700+. I will also provide you with additional information that would aid you into being admitted into the Top 10 MBA program.

The new GMAT Pearson exam by my view is more challenging than the older ETS GMAT. After a rigorous course with Kaplan I scored a 660 on my third test. When I took the test on February 14th of 2007. I scored a disappointing 550 (54th Percentile 67% Quantative and 31% Verbal AWA 4.5), missing two questions in the math section but solving all the verbal section till the end. Just wanted to say that I took the GMAT again on April the 14th of 2007 and thank god I scored a 690 (91st Percentile 90% Quantative and 74% Verbal AWA 5.0). The score is sufficient to qualify me for any top ten school. The test makers were looking at me funny as I was running across the corridor shouting "yes yes yes". Those additional 2 months had improved my score significantly. I would like to share with you my strategy by first providing you with the appropriate reference material. This material is based on my experience and I encourage you to adopt the references that target the areas that need improvement. You can off course skip any reference material that you feel you have mastered. In my opinion, the best books for the Quantative section of the GMAT are the Manhattan Review. Below are all the books you should refer to for acing the Quantative Section:

Mathematics Books:
Manhattan GMAT Word Translations (1 of the 8 books in Manhattan GMAT's Preparation Guide series). If you have any issues with the questions for Probability and

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