Mba 501 Syllabus

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STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT STONY BROOK COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Economics for Managers Spring 2013 MBA 501 Professor: Office: Hours: Telephone: Email: Mark R. Palermo Harriman 314E TBD 632-7177

MBA 501 Economics for Managers The techniques and approaches of microeconomic reasoning are applied to issues of policy. The theory of the market and the price system are closely examined for the purpose of identifying those areas where neoclassical economics is helpful to the analyst and manager. Special attention is paid to cost-benefit analysis and models of economic behavior. Fall, 2011, 3 credits, ABCF grading. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making: Analyze a complex business issue and identify realistic solutions, communicating the findings in a written case with appropriate supporting material (e.g. demonstrate the ability to analyze data, use charts and figures and understand financial statements. COURSE SYLLABUS: You are responsible for all of the information contained in this document. Be certain that you read and understand it fully. If you do not, ask questions. Keep all of your work that is returned to you. If there is a dispute regarding your grade, you are responsible to produce the work that your grade was based on. Text: Fundamentals of Managerial Economics (ninth edition), by Mark Hirschey.

Additional readings: (1) The Wall Street Journal, Monday through Friday. CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT: This course is discussion-oriented. Everyone is expected to participate in class discussion, which means that everyone must be prepared. Our discussions will focus on applying the concepts in the text and those covered in class to case studies and current events.


Current events: Everyone is required to read The Wall Street Journal. This will be an important part of your course performance. The Wall Street Journal is available in hard copy and on the internet at (there is a fee for the...
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