Gluten Free

Topics: Coeliac disease, Gluten-free diet, Wheat Pages: 3 (661 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Gluten Free
Over 7.3 million people in America are Vegetarians.(Vegetarian times) Most people consider trying vegetarianism or even going vegan. But, do many people stop and think about gluten, being wheat free? How many people are gluten free in America? Not eating gluten can help gluten intolerance, diet, and change your everyday life. If people stop eating gluten will it affect their lives? Digging deeper into this topic to make everything clearer.

Having an allergic reaction to Gluten means you have a form of Gluten intolerance which could lead to Celiac Disease, meaning a protein in any type of wheat can inflame your smaller intestine.(Oprah) Persons with Celiac Disease can have many complications with heart failure. The world is becoming more and more advanced in technology everyday, currently no medical diagnosis of gluten intolerance exists, only Celiac Disease. Doctors can recognize it by the following symptoms, hard to loose weight, stomach aches after eating, and fatigue often. (just to name a few) Gluten intolerance is upon many, 1 in 3 people are allergic to gluten and their body takes over 72 hours to digest the meal rather then a normal 24 hours and they don‘t even recognize it as being odd.(lifetime nutrition class)

Time to diet? Diets can range from supplements, liposuction, or just exercising and eating right. By changing your diet to gluten free you can lose weight faster and easier. Gluten products are made almost every night in households across America. Pasta, bread, breaded meats, toast, and other grain products are packed with sodium and fats, when those get cut out dieting becomes easier.(health) You can still eat the same things because this day and age everything is made to accommodate gluten free people! Instead of ordering your normal pepperoni pizza try a gluten free pepperoni pizza, it will leave you feeling full of energy and not bloated after. Non-gluten foods get digested faster and create a faster metabolism which will...
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