Globalization with Different Perspectives

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Globalization With Different Perspectives
As we all know, globalism has become one of the most discussed issues of the contemporary world recently. Although some authorities described globalism as a dangerous way for world to follow, it is also described as something good for all the world by some other authorities, and there is no doubt that this debate is going to last for a long while, however it is kind of hard to figure out how it is going to end. In this point, according to my researches and my opinions, I believe globalization is an undisputable and inevitable fact that nobody can change but the time itself and it is caused by some ongoing reasons mostly related with technological improvements and international interactions, however it can be discussed whether it is beneficial or something to be discouraged depending on the aspects.

Since globalization as a phenomena covers extensive range of subtitles such as globalization in politics, economic, science, public and international relationships, culture etc. It has been very hard to say that it is a good thing for every aspects. There are so many criteria and aspects to look at, and this brings us so many questions to think about it, for instance should we look globalization as an economical argument? if so, who gets the benefit? Or which countries are affected in a good way? Is there any country suffering from the quick spread of globalization? Shortly all these criteria and questions make this topic negotiable.

In this set of materials, first thing to start is to find an answer for the question “Why does globalization occur?” To understand the idea, it is needed to look at the very beginning of the globalization, as this subject is a multi subtitled phenomena, the definition of globalization history should be varied too, depending on the head piece. Since each title has different definitions and descriptions we need to analyze the reasons for economical globalization and cultural globalization differently.

It is a noticeable fact that globalization is not a new thing spreading up on the world, it has been said that it existed in the past too. According to Nayan Chanda who is publications director of Yale Center for the Study of Globalization and also the writer of “Brother Enemy; War after the war”, globalization has first seen when the communities interacted with each other in the history, 8000 year before than today, and interaction was mostly based on cultural components[1]. Needless to say it existed in the past but the critical point was how and in what forms did it last and how it survived until today. According to International Economic Issues Magazine (Uluslar Arası Ekonomik Sorunlar) Globalization has evolved in three steps and became its current structure, first step was between the beginning of 19th century and 1914, in this part globalization was mostly on economical and the financial concept, most of the states have abolished the majority of the restrictions and obligations about international trade, the volume of money on international trade was getting better. However in the second step which is between 1914 and 1950, it got into an opposite situation, most of the states went down financially and cultural interaction has appeared with nationalist movements. After 1950 globalism got a huge acceleration especially after 1980, international trade volume reached the highest rate ever that never reached before in the past, global production processes has evolved. Moreover technological improvements became a matter. [2] As it is explained in most of the resources I believe that the reason for globalization existence is interaction itself, people want to reach more and more people from all over the world sometimes for economical reasons and sometimes for other specific intellectual reasons, and all these interactions bring the resemblance and resemblance becomes the main source of globalism. If we need to give specific examples other than...

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