Globalization: Sociology and Traditional Family

Topics: Sociology, Homosexuality, Economic growth, Ageism, Economics, Youth / Pages: 4 (845 words) / Published: Apr 29th, 2013
My presentation topic is about due to globalization many countries have seen their standards raise very quickly; it is inevitable foe people living in urban societies to catch up with the growth of materialism. Is greed the cause for family values to decline? I disagree.

Before I start, I will show you the outline of my presentation. In the introduction, I will talk about globalization and China Then; I will move on to the main points and provide example of my main points I mentioned earlier. At last, I will conclude my presentation with summary, prediction and recommendation.

Now, I will start the introduction about my presentation.
Due to the lack of a just and equitable international economic order, the influence of globalization on countries at different stages of development is entirely different. For China, globalization is often seen as a double-edged sword that brings opportunities and challenges, advantages and disadvantages. China's participation in Globalization is by no means a one-way street. When the world economic growth remains weak, China's economy is one of the few bright spots. China has also provided the world with the largest rising market, more than 1.25 billion people become well-off, and the demand on everything will be enormous. At the same time, some people will become materialistic and greedy. However, greed is not only factor for the decline in family values. I will discuss other causes.

First of all,a family is consisted of people from different age groups, so they have generation gap, sometimes as the different idea they will have argument to reduce the family values. Along with the social economic growth people's cultural thought condition and mental outlook has the very big change. If live with the elder, sometimes the idea of young and older quite on the contrary, cause they don't want to communicate with each other, then their family values will be declined.
For example, newly released research from Dr. Pew shows 79%

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