Globalization Positive Effects

Topics: Globalization, World Bank, World Trade Organization Pages: 11 (3044 words) Published: March 21, 2013
University American College Skopje
School of Business Administration

Final paper

Spring Semester 2011

International Management & Globalisation


Professor Dimitrios E. Akrivoulis Vlatko Bogoevski ID: 9243

Skopje, April, 2011

Table of content:


Impact of the globalization

Positive effects of the globalization

• Increased Competition
• Employment
• Investment and Capital Flows
• Foreign Trade
• Spread of Technical Know-How
• Spread of Culture
• Spread of Education
• Legal and Ethical Effects

Negative impact of the globalization

• Employment issues
• Safety and security concerns
• Environmental issues
• Other negative effects

What is the influence of the globalization process in India

Globalization effect to the Indian women

What are the main players in the process of Globalizations

• Transnational Corporations
• Investors
• World Trade Organization
• World Bank and IMF
• U.S. Treasury Department
• NGO’s


The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of Globalization. Specifically it will discuss the positive and negative effects of the Globalizations, and how it reflected to the Indian market. In addition, it will provide information of the main players in the globalization process and which organizations played the most important rule in setting up the international law and regulations.


It is clear that globalization is something more than a purely economic phenomenon manifesting itself on a global scale. Based on my broader research of the topic of globalization and its effects, we may conclude that the process has had many positive and negative aspects. Some countries gained more benefits than others; some people lost their jobs while some of them get employment using the benefits of the globalization. Taking the positive side in the process, I believe that international organizations and governments have to support the phenomenon of globalization by implementing fair rules and regulations equal for all players and countries. International organization like WTO, World Bank, IMF have to foreseen the countries especially developing countries to change the criteria of attracting foreign companies in which the resources, safety and country stability will be the main criteria of attracting foreign capital, rather than exploitation labor force or neglecting the main safety and environmental standards. By creating a fair competition the trend of multi nationals companies will slow down and will provide room for development and maintain of small and medium companies. Strict law and regulations has to be foreseen from the international organizations to the governments and main players (multinational companies) in the process of globalization in which they will monitor the effects and take the right actions that will boost only the positive and beneficial aspects.


People in the world are much more connected than ever before. Goods and services produced in Asia or Africa short after are available on the other continents in the world. Travelers moving in other countries more frequent. International communication based on last technology achievements, (the internet) make people to communicate in much easier way than ever before. Information, data, and money flow are trade all around the world quickly than ever. This phenomenon has been named as Globalization. In the modern world globalizations has been identified as system of communications and relations among the countries that will help to develop the global economy and people living standard. It mostly refers to the integration of trade and industry, political and cultural exchanges all over the world.[1] Joseph Stiglitz, an economist and winner of the Nobel...
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