Global Warming Fact or Fiction

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January 19, 2010


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Global Warming Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?


Global Warming is the hottest topic of the global environmental movement in the last decade. While warming trends have affected weather patterns causing drought conditions, polar icecap meltdown, and severe storm cycles like those that spawned hurricane Katrina in 2005, scientists are divided on whether or not made-made pollutants are the cause. Our government controls the majority of funding for research regarding this topic. Many of our representatives are already convinced that man-made global warming is a fact and thus they largely fund only those who support their view. The science of dollars and sense of the issue is that you either come to the same delusion or your research grant will be canceled. This is why we see large government agencies like NASA here in the states and the English Climate Research Unit (CRU) apparently skewing research data on the subject. I believe that contrary to popular rhetoric global warming is not primarily man-made and our efforts to spend vast amounts of public resources is a vain effort that will result in little overall climate change, but will adversely effect the economy of the United States.

I believe that global warming is occurring over much of the globe at this time. However, I also am convinced it is part of the natural ecological cycle. Such cycles have occurred and been measured over the last 200 years. In one example of hysteric alarmism, people were afraid man-made pollutants were causing the earth to cool prematurely. Many articles were written that caused a stir in the 1970’s. A few may remember a Newsweek article which can be viewed at In the aforementioned article the author called

Global Warming for emergency action to prevent ecological disaster. Now as we see the cycle shift to a


warming period these same types of alarmists are calling for drastic measures to be taken that could potentially harm fragile economies still staggering from the recent economic downturn. This is why many scientists are now opposing the idea of man-made global warming and believe that drastic measures and funding directed towards preventing global warming could be better spent in finding and developing alternative energy sources or even assisting the poor. Avery/Singer and Spencer in their books oppose the idea of man-made global warming and use logical reasoning and expert testimony to support ther views. Avery goes further and declares that there is a well documented cycle of weather that reoccurs approximately every 1,500 years wherein the earth cools and warms up according to its own natural clock (xi).

According to Avery and Singer in their book, Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years, Updated and Expanded Edition, the causes of the 1,500 year cycle are not well understood although 600 of them have been identified in the last million years (xi). This permits us to be relatively confident that we have been moving into the warm phase of the cycle for the last 150 years. It also suggests that we may have one or two degrees more warming if we are to get to the typical high of the present warm phase. Although the warm phase cycle has been typically more regular than the cold phase, it does not move steadily to a peak and then fall off, but rather moves abruptly higher at the start of the warm phase followed by highly irregular (but modestly higher) temperatures for hundreds of years. Avery and Spencer are emphatic when they state, “the earth continually warms and cools. The cycle is undeniable, ancient, often abrupt, and global. It is unstoppable (3).” Human activity during our industrial revolution had little affect on

Global Warming this cycle of warming and cooling. The US put tons of...

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