Global Warming

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Global Warming: A Problem That Needs Immediate Attention
PHI 103
June 16, 2012

Global Warming: A Problem That Needs Immediate Attention With the rise in the Machine Age during the late 1800’s, early scientists believed that the byproducts released by these new machines would have adverse effects on the environment. The scientists began to study these effects and noticed that the earth’s global temperature was rising 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit every few years. This was the beginning basis for the scientific theory of Global Warming. Global warming has since become one of the most passionate yet controversial scientific studies. There have been many heated political debates over whether or not the theories and supporting evidence are valid or if they are over exaggerated yearly weather occurrences. While many critics disagree with the theories behind global warming, those who do believe in these theories are supported by the evidence of the rise in the global means temperature, rise in the sea level, extreme weather, and geological changes. This paper will refute all arguments against the existence of global warming by proving that global warming is affecting our planet and that it needs immediate long term attention. Global Warming and Its Effects

“Global warming is the observed and projected increases in the average temperature of earth's atmosphere and oceans.” (Time for change, 2007) The warming is caused by the release of green house gases into the air, which consist of methane gas, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. Once these gases get released into the air, they cause the green house effect. The green house effect prevents the heat from the sun from escaping the earth’s atmosphere. With nowhere to go, the heat returns to the surface, raising the temperature of the earth. Once the heat raises the earth’s temperature, environmental and geological changes begin to occur. The ocean’s temperature begins to rise and the snow caps and icebergs begin to diminish. This has a dual effect. As the ice begins to melt into the ocean, the sea level begins to rise. With nowhere to go, the water begins to engulf masses of land. The sea has already risen 10 to 12 inches (2.5 -3.0 mm) in the last century, and it is estimated that the sea will rise nearly 24 inches by 2050. (Titus & Narayanan, 1995) This does not sound like a lot, but it has done enough to nearly wipe out the polar bear and penguin populations in the Arctic, and severely decrease the flamingo’s population in Florida. The warm waters are affecting the growth of the whale and turtle populations throughout the ocean, as well as destroying parts of our planets coral reefs leaving millions of sea creatures without a habitat to grow and reproduce; resulting in the demise of their species. Global warming is not only affecting our oceans, but our land ecosystems as well. “Rising temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns are changing the geographic areas where mammals, birds, insects, and plants that live on land can survive—and are affecting the timing of lifecycle events, such as bud bursts, leaf drop from trees, pollination, reproduction, and bird migration.”(USC, 2011) Extreme weather has become more frequent. The World Meteorological Organization, (2010) reported that between 2000 and 2009 was the earth’s hottest decade, with the eight hottest years occurring after 2000. With the increase in global temperatures there have been more dangerous wildfires and an increase in droughts throughout central United States and Africa. Heat isn’t the only thing we need to worry about. Weather is becoming more violent. Hurricanes are becoming deadlier, causing mass floods, and title waves, destroying everything in its path. But, there are still the disbelievers. The Counter Argument

Global warming is a myth based off of unsubstantiated facts. People that believe that global warming...
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