Global Terrorism:

Topics: Terrorism, Third World, First World Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Global terrorism has continued to be a challenge especially with the conditions of tremendous insecurity and volatility as well as the tectonic shifts in the deep-rooted equations of power. Worldwide ambitions and aggravated tensions have been fuelled since the disintegration of the great Western and Soviet powers. This continues to happen in a world that is currently experiencing smoothness only at the end of a major war. Therefore, the assessment of global threats such as terrorism continues to pose an extreme challenge to not only third world countries but also first world countries. Global terrorism has an asymmetric and unpredictable impact on global power structures regardless of the rapid assessment. For instance, the events, action and reactions of the 9/11 attacks revealed the dramatic impact of terrorism even after rapid examination (Sahni par, 4).

In fact, America’s status as the world’s super power has from time to time been challenged by warfare and global terrorism. Global terrorism is a fundamental security challenge because of the role of state sponsors, unpredictable terrorist tactics and the hunt for weapons of mass destruction by terrorists. However, the improvement of international cooperation helped in the fight against global terrorism in 2007. This international cooperation has not only degraded terrorists’ ability to plan and execute attacks but it has also a less lenient working environment for terrorists. In fact, terrorists groups have only been able to find comfortable environments in the unstable corners of the world while campaigning over the Internet to enlist new members.

An example of the changing terrorist tactics is the re-building and re-strengthening of Al-Qaeda operational links along the Afghan-Pakistan border when intelligence interactions and international cooperation resulted in the arrest and elimination of key terrorist leaders. Another example is the fact that terrorists groups are now raising funds through illegal...

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