Global Terrorism

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Global Terrorism and International Law
(Case Study)

Jerina Qarri
Prishtine 10.12.2013
European Law
Academic Writing and Research Methods

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Abstract 3 Introduction 4 What is terrorism? 5 Terrorism and Human Rights 6 9/11 7 Conspiracy Theories 8 International Law, Change of Law and Human Rights 9 Conclusion 11 Bibliography 12


The principle objective of this research is to inform about the World Trade Center collapse, as a the main terrorist act so far, and to illuminate the changes that this act brought in United States of America along with the member states of the United Nations. It has been more than a decade since the collapse happened, however scholars still are trying to find an answer of what really happened and find proves that will identify who was responsible for this tragedy. Different theories have been expressed by the people as well as by other states and still none of them has been proven yet. The main purpose of this research paper is to notify and to make it apprehensible this kind of terrorism along with the impact of it in society in general.

Introduction Terrorism through the years it has made its own definition as an act of causing fear, however in the legal system terrorism it is defined as the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political, social and ideological objectives. Terrorism it has already become global even though reasons why terrorism is caused are different, for the society it has become a concern as well as a fear. The Act of causing terror it is rising rapidly and it is influencing law as well as the society. Changes of law and acceptance of new laws have been made in order to fight terrorism however, this seems to be not sufficient to duel terrorism. Terrorist steps have become an issue hard to predict these days and it was even harder to predict the collapse of the World Trade Center twelve years ago, a case that helped on further improvement in the high security agenda. The lost of innocent people during different types of terrorism in order that terrorist groups can achieve their personal goals it is a relevant issue and a problem that doubtless needs a way to be figure it out.

What is terrorism? To answer the question what is terrorism we should consider the different meanings of the word terrorism in various societies likewise the concept of terrorism changes also for political or practical preferences. While in Third World and Arab countries the act of terror it is considerate as a struggle for self-determination, the western states choose to call terrorism as the act of no self-determination at all. Commonly in society in general the act of causing fear it is described as a way of harming or destroying each other in the most miserable way for narcissistic affairs. Terrorism, the act of causing fear, it is being interpreted in different ways and for...

Bibliography: Bosch et Al (Ed.). Global non-proliferation and counter-terrorism-The impact of UNSCR 1540.London Chatham House, 2007
Center, Brennan
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