domestic terrorism

Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Terrorism Pages: 2 (1144 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Honors English 10
4 April 2014
There is an unavoidable issue which continues inconclusive, whether Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, or a traitor. Those who support him call him a hero, a man protecting the people. Others view him as nothing but a traitor or defector. The people agree that his actions were unjust and are considered domestic terrorism on the United States. Snowden signed a contract under NSA, which he agreed to keep their secrets but he broke the contract by leaking information to the public. This was an enormous concern to political officials because that information leaked can be used by enemies of the United States. Snowden duty was to keep the secrets of the U.S as a technical contractor at the CIA and NSA. He was obligated to do as he was told by his superiors, even if he disagreed. As a result of his disagreement he betrayed the very organizations that are keeping the citizens of the U.S.A safe. One example would be the bombing on September 16, 1920. According to Pro Quest Staff.”At Issue: Domestic Terrorism.” Proquest LLC. “An early example of domestic terrorism occurred on Sept. 16 1920, when 38 people were killed after a bomb exploded on Wall Street in the financial district of New York City (Proquest Staff). The documents Snowden released all have a purpose. The U.S.A has to not only look out for terrorist around the globe but the people in their own territory as well. Referring back to Serrano, Richard A.”Americans Radicalized by Al Qaeda Are a Big Concern.”Los Angeles Times. “ We are focused on trying to figure out what our people are up—who should be spoken to, who should be followed, who should be charged”(Serrano). There is too many people and very little trustworthy citizens. For those who are loyal deserve the best national security and that is why we would monitor foreign countries and monitor the people of the U.S.A. Snowden ideal was nothing but his own selfish opinion. American are now exposed to terrorist online and...
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