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Global Perspectives

By rajendri94 Feb 27, 2013 536 Words
Global perspectives
Tutorial Preparation 2 Course Work 1
Task 1
1. Globalization can be demonstrates a way towards a well-developed economy, cultural, political and technological interdependence through the national institution and economics. As countries reduce barriers to trade and investment, globalization force their industries to grow more competitive if they want to survive. Globalization is different from internationalization but it is characterized by denationalization. When the internationalization is higher in a country it can import and exports good, services, money and people across the national borders of the company. 2. Globalization of markets can be demonstrated as covering buyer preferences in markets around the world. This method covers in many products such as consumer goods, industrial products and business services. The globalization of markets is important to international business because it offers some benefits for these companies. There are few benefits have been described in follow. * Firstly it reduces marketing costs. This has mainly focused on companies which sell Global products, it can reduce the cost by standardizing their certain market activities. * Another benefit is it creates new market opportunities, because of this a global product can explore opportunities abroad if the home market is small or becomes saturated. * Levels uneven income streams, Accompany which sell their products all over the world, but seasonal appeal can use international sales to level its income stream. 3. Technology speed up the globalization process by introducing new technological aspects to the society. It ease the people to communicate with in the country and make and effect toward the globalization. Introducing new technological instruments encourage the community to use the new aspects and survive the need of the society. Introducing new technology low the barriers of the culture in a country it encourage the community to explore the world as it knows as globalization. As an example wireless internet connection has changed the world. Anyone can explore the world by their smart phone tablet etc. that speed us toward globalization of the country.

Task 2
* I interviewed a security officer. His age is 43 and he got this job when he is 21. He has been given his service to the company for 22 years. * Before 22 years ago he had to travel 2 hours towards his working place because the condition of the train system is different from present. * In his working place 20 years ago if an employee, employer or a customer entered to the office this security officer had to check his bag manually by opening all the pockets of the bag, he had to check his all the belongings and he had check his clothes. * Then he had to write down the name and the Id number of the person. But in present these whole process is done by machinery. * Now this security officer has to look at the computer screen in his office computer and check all these things. * If there is anything suspicious the computer will identify it immediately. * Then he has to type the ID number of the person in the computer all the detail will come to the screen with in few seconds. * This demonstrates the way how technological improvements have changed the way the security officer work compared with 22years ago.

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