Global Financial Crisis and its Effects

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The objective of this research project has been written aim help I could understand obviously about global financial crisis and affects that its bring for countries on over the world as well as Vietnam. In this research project, I will mention to some factor such as: Reason to choose topic, purpose of research, subject and study scope, research methods, financial crisis and its signs, causes as well as affects, and proposal the solution to improve. However, to can analysis all factors above. I need to find out the information about it via some data sources as: books, newspapers, magazines and Internet mostly. Besides, I also reference from reports of international organizations about Vietnam situation and the world. Nevertheless, during the implementation process this research project, I met some difficult in the process of searching and collecting data to complete my research project. Along with the effort and trying, I have finished success my research project. It's like a result that I had gain in learning process at the college.

Global financial crisis and its effect on Vietnam’s economic performance.

chart show some main factors

2. Reasons to choose topic:
The global financial crisis is the biggest crisis in the world, it has caused serious consequences for the U.S. economy and spreading on global make adversely affecting the entire financial system and economic growth in over the world. Up to now, despite the global financial crisis has gone passed, market status became more stable and the recovery process takes place strongly. But besides that, there are still some countries are suffering the hardships that the financial crisis has come through still left. So why this financial crisis has formidable destructive force like that? What are its causes? Consequences that it caused for the world economy and Vietnam like? And the country general as well as Vietnam in particular has made solution to cope with this crisis? From the problem stated above, main is motivation I choose this research topic: "Global Financial Crisis and its effect on Vietnam's Economic performance". From that, get these a general understanding about the global financial crisis, and can draw the lessons for Vietnam.

3. Purpose of research
What is the global financial crisis?
What is the financial crisis and signs of financial crisis?
What is the causes lead to global financial crisis?
How effect on Vietnam’s economy? ( Such as: export, import…) Find out the solution to cope with global financial crisis made effect on Vietnam.

4. Subjects and study scope
Global financial crisis and its impact in 2007 – 2010
Study scope:
Major focused on the economic impact of financial crisis on a global scale as the U.S, EU ... and especially Vietnam.

5. Research methods
During the implementation process topic research, some research methods are used such as: Use secondary data to search information about research objects from many sources like: books, newspapers and Internet. Synthesis of sources document via reports of international organizations about Vietnam situation and the world. Statistics, comparison, generalization and modeling based on the analysis and understanding. Qualitative

(BPP Learning Media (2010))

1. What is the global financial crisis?
The global crisis occurs when people aren't buying enough goods and services. This then puts business in a bad situation because the demand for goods and services are down and people are saving their money instead of spending it. It's basically when a recession happens and the crisis is that the economy is not coping and business isn't coping. People need more money so that's why the government gives out stimulus packages of money so people can buy goods and services and the economy picks up. (AnswersTM,2012) 2....

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