Glass Recycling

Topics: Recycling, Environmentalism, Pollution Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: March 21, 2011

In these days, glass production has become a part of our life. We use glass to make containers, tools and material of building. Because of the sheen facade, it always uses as decorative material. However, after it becomes waste, we always throw it away. It is costly to use new material to make new glass products. What’s more, the waste glass can be a pollutant of our environment. Therefore, it is necessary to collect waste glass and recycle it.

1.2 History of glass recycling

The beginning of glass recycling is from 1971 in England. People started to collect waste glass bottle to a patent file. As the starting of glass recycling, it means people start notice the damage and the financial benefit of glass waste.

1.3 Damage

Waste glass is dangerous. When broken glass is littered into environment, animals might ingest glass chips, which could wound their internal organ, finally lead to death. Worse, it is dangerous if the waste glass was a container or a tool of chemical products. Harmful chemicals put with waste into the natural environment glass together then causing serious pollution. Because of that, in order to collect waste glass, many governments encourage people to classify garbage. But until now, there is only 22% glass produced from recycling materials.

1.4 Benefits

Nowadays, waste glass is not only a kind of junk but also a valuable resource. There are three advantages to recycle waste glass. First, glass recycling is environmentally friendly. It is less harmful for the environment because of low emissions. For instance, “For every ton of glass that is recycled to make new glass products 693 pounds of carbon dioxide is saved”( saferenvironment | June 4, 2009). Use recycled material to produce glass product reduces air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 50%, (saferenvironment | June 4, 2009) and save the area of landfill as well. In another word glass waste in environment has reduced. Besides those factors, the more...
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