Gladiator Movie. vs History

Topics: Roman Empire, Commodus, Marcus Aurelius Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: May 5, 2011
During the Roman Empire many emperors ruled in their own ways. Some were considered to be one of the “Five Good Emperors, ” and the others didn’t last because they were assassinated. They either just cared about themselves or actually cared about the citizens of Rome. The movie Gladiator portrays Roman life and the gladiatorial games. Really though, how does the movie compare to the history of the Roman Empire? I am really interested in the actual history of the gladiators and the movie is one of my favorites. That’s why I chose to do my review on it and I came to find out that the movie didn’t give me the information on the real life and times of the gladiators.

In the movie, after the death of the emperor, Maximus becomes one of the Roman army’s most trusted generals and a key advisor to the emperor. When Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix, ascends to the throne, Maximus is sent to be executed but he escapes and is captured by slave traders. He was known as Spaniard and was forced to become a gladiator. He must now battle to his death with other men for paying audiences to watch and enjoy. His battle skills serves him well and he then becomes one of the most famous and admired men to fight in the Colosseum. Maximus believes that he could use those skills to avenge himself against the man who took away his freedom and his family. He tries to challenge his rule but Commodus to put his own ideas of fighting to the test. He then watches as Maximus fights in battle for his death.

At the beginning of the movie it shows the end of the rule of Marcus Aurelius who was known as one of the “Five Good Emperors.” It showed what happens when his son, Commodus, takes his place. Marcus Aurelius is shown to be a great emperor, and one who cared about the Republic. In Gladiator they claimed that Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus, or “Commodus” was Marcus Aurelius’ son, which in real life is true. They also claimed that Commodus killed his father, which is not true. I...
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