Ghosts with Sh!t jobs

Topics: North America, Asia, Europe Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: December 4, 2013
“Ghosts with Sh!t Jobs” (dir. Jim Morrison, 2012)

“Ghosts with Sh!t Jobs” (2012) is a Canadian film directed by Jim Morrison, shot and produced in Toronto, Ontario. The film takes a futuristic approach to presenting the world as if Asia and North America were swapped in economical and political power. This film presents a fabricated world, but not so fabricated that it seems unbelievable. The director has created a world where the white male is the minority, digital information has began to replace real world interaction and society, and there are limited jobs and monotonous lifestyles waiting for those living in North America.

The narrative follows a couple who majored in robotics, a digital janitor, a human spam-bot, and two silk-collecting brothers. The couple who majored in robotics work as baby assemblers in Canada for the rich Asian families overseas. I found this aspect of the film interesting because something as essential as a baby is fabricated and made a commodity, not unlike the current relationship between North America and Asian countries and the fabrication of essentials like clothing, vehicles, and food. The director draws attention to the current situation in Asia through the contrast of the real world and Morrison’s fabricated world. The digital janitor draws attention to the mass censorship of media and the control that governments have over their country’s access to information. This janitor enters the digital past-world through a virtual reality interface and blocks out any advertisements or sensitive information that his Asian superiors would not like shown to the public. Here Morrison touches on aspects of today’s society like the privatization of information, centralizing control, and the actions that our governments take to ensure that protection of information and reinforce control. I found that the human spam-bot, (employed by a Nigerian “spam cartel”) was the ultimate representation of a pop-up or advertisement that we today...
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