Ghost Rider Comparison Essay

Topics: Ghost Rider, Mephisto, English-language films Pages: 1 (477 words) Published: April 3, 2009
The Ghost Rider movie is no exception to this ongoing trend. Some of the main characters are different from the comic to the movie but not necessarily in a bad way. Johnny Blaze in the movie ate jelly beans out of a martini glass, liked to listen to the carpenters, and was quirky. Johnny Blaze in the comic book guzzled whiskey, listened to hard rock, and was very depressed. Then there was Mephistopheles in the movie he was eluded to being the devil, but in the comic he was known as Mephisto and was portrayed as being some kind of demon but not the devil himself. Mephistopheles son Blackheart went from in the comic trying to destroy his father so he can take his place, to in the movie he was trying to create hell on earth. And of course the main character ghost rider himself varied in many different ways. In the movie he was a mesh of two previous versions of the comic character, he had the origins of the first ghost rider and the look and powers of the second. Ghost Rider made a deal with Mephistopheles to save his father from cancer in the movie, but in the comic book he made a deal with Methisto to save Roxanne’s father from cancer (his father had already died from a motorcycle accident).his deal in the movie had him being the devil’s bounty hunter where as in the comic book he was a supernatural hero. Ghost Rider’s source of power also varied from the movie and book. In the movie his powers were granted by Mephistopheles, and in the comic Ghost Rider got his powers by being fused with the demon known as Zarathos. Even Ghost Rider’s controls over his powers are different from one media to the next. In the movie Johnny Blaze learns how to control Ghost Rider’s powers, and in the comic book Jonny cannot use the Ghost Rider’s powers when he is in human form. These are just some of the many differences that were present in the movie adaptation of the Ghost Rider comic books. Even though there were many differences between the comic book and movie these differences...
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