Ghost of a City Lives in Another Commentary

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“Ghost of a city lives in another” commentary

“The Ghost of a city lives in another” is a very interesting piece; it questions the modern meaning of globalization. Globalization is often seen as a positive term, a consequence of human improvement. According to Joseph Stiglitz, an economist and Nobel Prize winner defines globalization in this way: “Globalization is the closer integration of the countries and people of the world brought by the enormous reduction of costs of transportation and communication. Globalization is also helping to people of different cultures to get in contact, share thoughts, pain, sadness and happiness. Thanks to globalization we are able to know what is happening in the other side of the world and in this way human can help each other. .” The author of this piece doesn’t view globalization so positively, and seems to focus more on its impacts on mainstreaming the way people think.

In this piece this widespread term is examined under a peculiar perspective. According to the author “globalization” and “technology” are destroying the values of centuries of human history. “We live in an age of contemporary confusion brought on by frequent travel”, in a way showing the audience how the world is changing and how easy it is to go from a country to another. However the confusion brought by constant air travel makes many countries lose their appeal. According to the author now we are able to see a bit of London in Prague and a bit of Prague in Budapest. In the writer opinion this means that cities are losing their uniqueness and distinctiveness, due to the increasing number of people travelling from a place to another causing people to return to their native countries with the idea of coping the style of other cities in their own places. Through this sentence “Walking under a photo-shopped sky” the author also suggests that modern technology is changing the reality of things, creating huge differences between expectations and...
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