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What Tae-Kwon-Do Means Too Me
AKA My 500 Word Essay by ETHAN CORNEJO
Sir, I will train hard and with discipline, remembering the important lessons of Tae-Kwon-Do, courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance, and the “Unbreakable Tae-Kwon-Do Spirit”. This is the Parker Academy of Martial Arts oath. It is a representation of what we learn in our black belt candidacy program to become better people. Perhaps it is the fact that I have said this oath every day for the last 3½ years that it rubbed off on me and my peers, or maybe the candidacy program has actually shown physical and mental capabilities beyond that of the average person. Either way, I have improved my body, mind, and even spirit in many ways.

My first example of improvement is in my physical capabilities. When I started the black belt candidacy program I would not have considered that I would be able to do the simplest of exercises with as much ease as I can do them with now. My record in pushups was 4 to 5 before I started my black belt candidacy program, but now my record in testing is 33 pushups. I can probably do more than that now though. I have become more confident in my physical abilities thanks to the black belt candidacy program and Tae-Kwon-Do as a whole.

My second example of improvement is my mental capabilities. Throughout the program, I have gained a newfound respect for myself and have built up knew amounts of confidence. I now find that you cannot truly do something well if you do not have the confidence to believe that you can accomplish it. If you fail then continue to strive and if you succeed then continue to strive and become well, whether it is a physical activity or a curricular activity, then you must continue to push your limits.

My third example of improvement in my life due to martial arts is my abilities in social activity. I have improved tremendously in this over the course of my martial arts training. As I have, stated in my earlier paragraph, I have...
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