Topics: Feeling, Sentence, Expression Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: October 21, 2014

1. Anne was introduced by Miss Enderby, she is the headmistress of the school.2. She was a little bit nervous, the author used the following to discribe her feelings: “Anne gazed back, feeling helpless…..she gave a watery smile”. I think that by these words the author would like to say that she was also disorientated.3. Miss Enderby gave Ann a lot of indications, like what to do with the children during the lesson, at which of them to pay more attention, and what to do during the break. I think after these indications, Anne become to feel more uncorfotable. If I were Ann, I wouldn`t like to hear such a number of instructions on my first day.4. Anne looks so at Arnold, because first of all she wants to see if Miss Enderby`s words have some link with the reality. While the headmistress discribed Arnold as a “broken home -brother in Borstal” he behaved like an usual little boy, he tried to amuse his friends. Arnold is an apple-cheeked boy, but Anne could see also that his “pink face” expressed his scorn of Miss Enderby.5. I think that children behaved unnaturally in this situation, it goes without saying that the children are so obedient because they feel some scare when Miss Enderby is in the classroom. According to my point a view, it is not a sign of respect. The “sign of relief” is a proof of my words, this expression means that all of them felt much better when the headmistress left the class.6. I think that Anne was a good student, because in the situation with the children, she tried to remember the piece of advice given her at college “Stand quite still, be quite calm, and gradually the children will become conscious that you are waiting…” .7. I think that children did not respect Anne, she was not an important person for them. It did not look like she had some authority for them. Whem she was introduced to her, their facec were unmoved. They observed Anne just in the moment when she began to behave like the headmistress did. Such behaviour was a normal...
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