Getting Started Developing Windows 8 Apps

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create apps for a new generation.

Windows 8 launches a world of opportunity for student developers. It is Windows made faster, more fluid and responsive to touch. And it puts apps and active live tiles at everyone’s fingertips. You can be a first mover in this amazing app revolution, and build Windows 8 apps that could launch your career. This guide will point you to the right developer tools, tutorials, and resources. Jump in. The next generation is what you make it.

3 steps to build your Windows 8 app

it’s easy to do

Get your dev tools Download the software and tools you need at It’s free for students.

build and test your aPP We’ll point you to instructive videos, hands-on labs, sample code and more.

Publish your aPP Your app will be available to millions of people at the Windows Store.


get your development tools

What is a WindoWs 8 aPP?

They’re fast, fluid and perfect for touch. Windows apps are at the center of everything you do. Uniquely, they appear as a ‘tile’ on the Windows Start screen. Tap to open a Windows app and the content fills the entire computer screen. Content is the focus, while UI controls and distractions are minimized. Learn more Read the ”What’s a Windows 8 Style app” to see and understand all the cool design elements and User Experience (UX).

Start by getting WindoWS 8 You must have Windows 8 installed on your computer. Windows 8 apps require the Windows 8 API for design and testing. Discover ways to get Windows 8. Choices include: • Free with your school’s DreamSpark subscription • Free 90-day trial • Special student offers and upgrades Learn more at DreamSpark:

get ViSual Studio and all the toolS At DreamSpark, we packaged together all the software and tools you will need to create Windows 8 apps – at no charge to students. One click lets you download Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8, including: • Windows 8 Software Development Kit • Blend for Visual Studio to create and edit images • The Windows App Certification Kit (WACK) to test your apps

Use this collection of tools to create, code, debug, package, and publish your Windows 8 modern apps. Get your tools at DreamSpark: don’t forget your licenSe When you install Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8, you will be asked to get a developer license. To complete this step, you will need a Microsoft Account ( w8gsg02). Note: In order to install the developer license, the user must be a Local Administrator on the computer. 3

build and test your app
testinG is a snaP

Before submitting your app, you must test it. You will find the Windows App Cert Kit (WACK) in the Visual Studio 2012 Express software you downloaded at the very start. You can run the test from the Windows Start screen. Here’s how: - Get to your Windows 8 Start screen - Run the ‘Windows App Cert Kit’ app - Choose ‘Validate a Windows Store app’ - Select your custom app and select “next”

Get insPired

Watch a short video on the design principles for Windows 8 apps.

chooSe a programming language To build a Windows 8 app, you can use a language you already know: • HTML/Javascript • XAML/C# • XAML/Visual Basic • C++/CX

get handS-on help We have a lab to help you create your first Windows 8 app. Try the Lab Exercises from Chapter 1, and feel success right from the start. The lab is available in HTML/ JavaScript or XAML/C#. Pick the one with which you feel most proficient. Download the Lab. Note: Approximately 170MB

find hundredS of code SampleS Check out this helpful overview ( from the Windows Dev Center. It covers everything from: • Setting up • Learning tools and templates • Downloading hundreds of code samples:


publish your app to the store
alloW time for certification

Your app must meet high standards of quality to earn its way...
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