Getting Skeptical About Global Warming Scepticism.

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The website above is written by John Everett questioning consequences of global warming. John Everett has a bachelor of engineering and a doctorate and masters of natural resources management, research management and quantitative methods. He is a marine biologist who worked in the field of climate change at IPCC and NOAA. This website is published by him and there is no third party publisher, i.e. the information on the website has not been reviewed by experts. The website is relatively current and it has been last updated in February 2012. The beginning of Everett’s report points out the following: (1) The CO2 level and the sea level were higher than today due to orbital mechanics and solar variability. (2) It is known that the human’s contribution to CO2 is only very little. (3) The Earth’s CO2 absorbability is underestimated.

(4) The relationship between CO2 and the temperature has not been proven. First point has been scientifically accepted. Second point is not a fact. Human emit 26 gigatonnes of CO2 per year and CO2 in the atmosphere is rising 15 gigatonnes per year whilst the rest is being absorbed by land or sea. The CO2 level in the atmosphere is at its highest point as a result. Third point is true; however Everett uses a website with a decisive headline than the actual Wolfgang Knorr’s study to support his argument. Last point is false as the relationship has been well established by physics theory and laboratory measurements. There are short cooling periods due to climate variability but in the long-run the relationship between CO2 and the temperature is prominent. Many studies have shown that CO2 is the dominant cause of the climate change for the last 35 years. The content is extremely biased towards sceptic view on climate change. The website is to persuade his sceptical science view on climate change to the public. Throughout the website he constantly uses words such as ‘fact’,...
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